Feature Request: Token Outlines for Effects

I was playing with some friends, as we do every week, and a few of my mooks got some buffs on them. It became a bit confusing which ones were which. It’d be pretty nice to be able to change the outlines of the tokens to a different colour, preset or choice, just to denote some effect(s) on our tokens. I’m not sure how feasible that would be, but just a thought I had in that moment. That being said, thanks for the wonderful battle-map maker!

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Thanks for the idea! I’m wary of adding too many configuration options for tokens, since it can get overwhelming fast, but it can also be quite useful.

Currently many folks will add status effects to the label, either through the use of emoji or just through parenthesis like (stunned)

It might work well using its own “highlight” tool. Hovering over a token could show the active effects on a token to prevent clutter. This could also be a way to implement hidden tokens with invisibility (the “Invisible - DM” status effect could prevent a token from appearing to players, like fog of war, while the “Invisible - Player” simply adds stripes to the token).

Ill throw in that while I think this could be a cool idea I also see a couple problems:

  1. A outline is either really small/narrow which makes it hard to see, or starts to overlap on other squares.

  2. You have to memorize a bunch of different things like “blue outline for stunned, red stripes for prone, etc…”. Even if these aren’t set by Shmeppy, you/your players still have to remember what they mean.

I think the more elegant (but not easier, and could definitely fall into the feature creep category) solution would be two types of labels: normal labels, and mouseover text labels. I typically will mark stuff on tokens like this “[NAME]: S, P” meaning NAME is stunned and prone. It cuts down on big long labels, but still helps me and my players remember. Being able to just have the name appear, with like a special mark to indicate mouseover labels would cut down on visual clutter, but also let me be more detailed.