Feature Request: Token Statuses

I think it would be really nice that if you double right clicked on a token, you could add a ring of color around it. This would just be nice to track conditions, statuses, how weak an enemy is, and other stuff like that. Like if you had a color selected, such as red, and you double left clicked on a token it would give the token a red ring around it so you could track, lets say, that it is incapacitated. I think this would be a nice feature because it could also be optional and really simple to use.


I would also use this. I have been adding onto token names to indicate status, like “(sleep)” or “:zzz:”, but that could also be faster if I could choose a palette of emojis to easily add or remove to a token. It generally takes 2 clicks and 6+ keystokes to update each token status, and sometimes I’m updating a bunch of tokens at a time, so it gets tiresome pretty quick. Better support from a tool would be very welcome.

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Being able to update multiple tokens at a time with some status is an interesting idea… Semi-recently (within the last 10ish years) code editors have added a “muti-cursor” feature, looks like this:
I think it’s likely to be a bit too weird of an interface, but it would be interesting to be able to edit multiple token labels at once like this.

A simpler implementation that would be really useful for me is to make it like a brush, but instead of a color I provide a string, like “(sleep)” or “:zzz:”. Then each time I click a token, it searches in that token’s text for the string and removes it if found. If not found, it appends it to the end of the token’s text.

So next time I want to put 6 tokens to sleep, I click my status brush, type “:zzz:”, click six times, done. That would be about 20% of the busy work it currently takes. If I had a palette of strings/emojis I’d previously used, that would cut the busywork in half again. And if I could select tokens in a region and then quick-apply/remove a status from my palette, that would be practically effortless. I’d use statuses a lot more often too if it were that easy.

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