Feature Request: Typing Hex Color Codes

Instead of just having to use the color picker, allow the user to manually type in the hex color code. From my personal experience, the color picker is a bit too fiddly, which manually specifying the color would greatly alleviate.
It is also a minor solution to saving color settings, since people could just save the hex codes separately and copy-paste them in.

I made a mockup of the idea:
Color Picker Mockup

Shmeppy is exactly the virtual tabletop tool I’ve been looking for, and if there was this feature, I’d pay for it.


This would definitely be nice to see, though it’s not essential.

This is a feature I was just looking for. I find myself having to try and get the reticle on the right color code, but it is incredibly difficult to do so. I don’t know what it would take to implement this kind of feature, but it’d make using the same colors a ton easier.

If adding this feature would be too difficult, perhaps a hotkey for the color picker? That way we can very quickly swap our current color tab to a different pigment without having to go through the process available right now.

As it stands right now, I, (and I’m sure many others), must set up a color pallet with the fill tool, and then use the color picker and a different tab to swap out the color to whatever it is that we need in that moment. I understand that there are multiple color tabs, but I have been using more colors than the tabs can keep track of. lol

This was just done in You can now type hex color codes directly into Shmeppy :sparkles:.