Fix undo hotkey and force refresh

I made a couple releases yesterday, and both had subtle/not-so-sublte issues. Whoops!

Undo Hotkey

I introduced a regression while fixing another regression… In Regression fix: Undo can be used again with color picker up I accidentally made it so that when you hit the undo hotkey you also select the zoom tool.

Now undo just undoes the last action.

Notably, it used to be that you could hit F, Control + F, or Meta + F to select the fill tool. Indeed any tool could be selected with just the letter key, or while control or meta was held down. With this fix, you must now hit the letter key without Control or Meta. This is an intentional change, but it is a change, but hopefully it doesn’t trip up too many people.

Forced Refresh

In the fix for Your players no longer need to have an account I changed the protocol that Shmeppy’s client uses to communicate with the server. I have a mechanism in place to force users to refresh their pages when this happens (a little “Fatal Disconnection, you must refresh” box appears) but I forgot to use it :sweat_smile:.

Anyone who was connected when I put out that change would’ve just gotten “reconnecting” forever… not the most pleasant experience. I went ahead and activated that “Fatal Disconnection” trigger just now, so at least for the tabs you may have left on overnight it’ll do the correct thing now.


Something I noticed with the “forced refresh” thing: It still let me edit away as usual, which I was doing for a couple minutes before noticing that I was completely disconnected… :frowning: Maybe edits could be prevented during that time, or it could be made even more obvious?

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Great idea. Disabling editing entirely might be a bit tricky since that would be the one time that ever happens. But a little animation that played repeatedly or whenever you made a change might be a good idea to bring attention to the alert.