Fixed bug with undo, clarified flood fill help text, and fixed account deletion bug

Just made a quick release with an assortment of small changes.

Fixed bug with undo

If you resize a token such that it grows upwards, when you undo that change, the token would move:


Now it doesn’t do that:


Clarified flood fill help text

sefe on Discord mentioned that the flood fill help text was unclear. It said it filled “similar colors”, but in actuality it only filled adjacent colors that exactly matched (ie: there’s no tolerance built into the tool). I’ve updated the help text to hopefully make that a little clearer.

It strikes me as a bit verbose in its current form. If any of ya’ll have any ideas for a more concise (but also clear) description, please share here.

Fix account deletion bug

If you tried to delete your account and you had a forum account but that forum account didn’t have any posts, you’d be able to delete your account but the “delete your account” page would say that it’s fetching your account details forever. Which is a bit confusing.

Now you’ll be correctly greeted by this:

That’s all for now :wave: