Fixing various odds and ends

Quite a few small fixes in this release, though nothing too exciting.

  • Added a new blurb to the homepage showing off the number of maps that have been created in Shmeppy (over 60k!).
  • Prevent the layout from shifting when the video loads on the homepage.
  • Rework a step of the deploy process that made Shmeppy go down for about a minute each time I deployed. There may still be a little bit of downtime but it should be very little.
  • When when they were hidden, the hamburger menu’s links were still focusable with the keyboard (via tabbing). They are now unfocusable as well (indeed they’re not rendered at all anymore).
  • A few buttons on the site were really links, but they weren’t annotated properly such that screen readers and browsers knew that (ex: middle-clicking them wouldn’t open the link in a new tab). But now they’re properly links! The “Start Free Trial” button on the homepage was an example of such a button.

Thanks a lot! Super excited for the dice roll update!