Floating Islands, Giants, and More!

I just love this tool so much and I’ve had a lot of fun creating maps in it. Here’s few of my favorites from this strange campaign I’m running:

The Giant’s Home:
*Jack and the Beanstalk Style Giants house. 3 floors. Yes, my players did steal the T-Rex sized giant goose.

Buckard’s Market Mansion:
*They crashed a wizard’s birthday party.

Temple of the Prowling Queen:
*This one is a series of floating islands connected by a few vines. Jungle terrain.

The Rock Candy Mines:
*We’re doing a sort of grim-dark candy land arc.


The hiking nerd in me really likes how you marked elevation changes in the Rock Candy Mines map. I will be keeping that in my back pocket for sure.

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grimdark candy land is a golden idea.

Check out Dimension 20’s Crown of Candy - it’s basically Game of Thrones Candy Land.