Grid Scale Discussion / High Fidelity

Hello all,

I am quite new to Shmeppy and just got my feet wet creating my first map to soon kickoff a new dnd campaign. When I got to looking at the grid and noticed the measure tool called out each square, I think I wrongly assumed each space was meant to represent 1’, and not merely “1 space”. As a result, I wound up drawing a keelboat treating each square as a foot and making something of a “high fidelity” map with tokens that I then had to scale up to fit “5 foot” squares. In practice this might be a little awkward for visualizing how the tokens can move about the grid, but at the same time, I sort of like this higher res drawing. I wonder if a cool feature option might be to let you draw at the “finer scale”, but then scale up the grid for play with tokens, so they could clean snap on the “5 unit grid” scale.

So I was just curious to get everyone’s input, do you ever draw maps at this larger scale, or do you try to stick to keeping the token size bound to an individual square?

I generally try try to keep things to one square = 1 pc token, mostly because I don’t have the patience to do do a more high fidelity map, but when people post them, they do always look really awesome, and if there were options to scale grids, I’d very much use them. Don’t think that’s likely to happen though.

I tried the high fidelity approach, but I have found that shmeppy works best for me with simple and abstract representations of what I am trying to plant into my players’ imaginations. The more detail my map has, the more the game happens on that map, and outside of our heads.

Keeping the scale of 1 square = 5 ft makes all my round rooms be very blocky, all my tunnels very straight, and most my rooms very symmetrical, and they all work very well because they are that way, not in spite of it.