Hey ya'll! Can you help me figure out when Shmeppy is slow?

Hey ya’ll, I want your help finding the slow parts of Shmeppy.

Per the March 2020 Roadmap I’ll be working on supporting mobile devices soon. That involves making Shmeppy fast :hedgehog:, because mobile devices often aren’t as powerful as desktops and laptops.

I have some reports from users about slowness in Shmeppy that give me some idea of what’s slow, but I want more if I can get it. So if you can, please answer this open ended prompt (it’s ok if you’re unsure, I’m just looking for leads on where to look):

When have you experienced slowness while using Shmeppy, and what were you doing?

When I’m moving or labeling tokens it slows down often. When other folks are viewing shmeppy its even worse.

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@Sentinel How much better is the situation now with Performance enhancement: don't send a game's entire history upon joining landed? I expect it to have an impact, but I’m unsure of how substantial of one.

The problem still existed on Wednesday when we played D&D. No idea about since then. Can post when I try again.

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Thank you! I landed that change last night, so it should be an improvement on what you experienced Wednesday. I’m hopeful.

Further performance improvements won’t be quite as easy to do as what I just landed, so they’ll take longer to get done, but they’ll be coming soon as well.

Gotta get Shmeppy nice and speedy if I want mobile devices that aren’t top-of-the-line stupid-expensive devices to be able to use it.