How to use the Edge tool (on Desktop)

Select the Edge tool by pressing e on your keyboard or clicking it in the toolbar.

Typical Uses

  • Drawing walls of buildings in open areas.
  • Drawing doors and windows in dungeons.
  • Marking spell effects and difficult terrain.

Individual Actions

With the Edge tool selected you can:

Select the Edge tool by pressing e or clicking on it in the toolbar. With the Edge tool selected, you can…

Draw an edge by clicking.


Draw a line of edges by clicking and dragging.


Clear an edge by Alt-Clicking or Right-Clicking.


Clear a line of edges by Alt-Clicking and dragging or Right-Clicking and dragging.


Draw a 1-by-1 box by Shift-Clicking. Draw a rectangle by Shift-Clicking and dragging


Clear a rectangle by Shift-Alt-Clicking and dragging. You can also Shift-Right-Click and Drag, but this won’t work in Firefox because Shift-Right-Click always brings up the context menu.