How to use the Fog of War tool (on Desktop)

Select the Fog of War tool by pressing w or clicking on it in the toolbar.

Typical Uses

  • Hiding areas the players haven’t discovered yet.

  • Hiding prepared tokens “offscreen”.

  • Creating “DM-Only notes” by hiding tokens with notes.

View as Player

Use the “View as Player” button in the toolbar to see the map from the player’s perspective (ie: not able to see anything hidden by Fog of War). This can be a good way to make sure that you’ve prepared the map like you’ve expected.

Individual Actions

With the Fog of War tool selected, you can…

Hide a cell from players by Clicking.

Fog_Click Players see:Fog_Click_Player

Reveal a cell to players by Alt-Clicking or Right-Clicking.

Fog_RClick Players see:Fog_RClick_Player

Hide a rectangle of cells from players by Shift-Clicking and dragging. Edges are shown to the players if they border any visible cells.

Fog_Drag Players see:Fog_Drag_Player

Edges are not shown to players if they do not border any visible cells.

Fog_Drag2 Players see:Fog_Drag2_Player

Tokens that are partially behind Fog of War are visible to players.

Fog_Token_Partial Players see:Fog_Token_Partial_Player

Tokens are hidden only if the entire token is within Fog of War.

Fog_Token_Full Players see:Fog_Token_Full_Player