HTTPS error on www subdomain DNS works, but the certificate is only valid for root, not www, so HTTPS errors.

Super wild! Learius on Discord noticed this today as well. It’s been true since Shmeppy first launched, but before today no one has noticed: and suddenly two people notice.

Is there some link on Reddit or somewhere pointing at by any chance?

To add to the coincidental-ness: I’m just about finished with a fix for this. Might push it out tomorrow if I feel like doing some Saturday Shmepping, we’ll see.

Random technical detail: I’ve made the likely-inscrutable-to-many decision to have Node serve all of Shmeppy rather than doing the more traditional thing of placing a reverse proxy in front of it. So dealing with the certificate-juggling necessary to avoid errors such as these without additional IP addresses is slightly harder than it would be otherwise (though not really that much harder :woman_shrugging:).

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Is there some link on Reddit or somewhere pointing at by any chance?

Huh, nope, I just typed it in the address bar.

Who is this Learius? Is he by any chance my evil twin? Or am I the evil twin? :thinking:

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Huh. True facts - I saw the forum post and pinged @johncs on discord in case it was something where a lot of people were getting the error, wanted to make them aware :slight_smile: I was playing another game at the time and typing quickly, apparently forgot to say “so i just came from the forum and…” haha

so, not a twin, just a copy cat :slight_smile:

Ah, that makes more sense.

Well this was just fixed in Shmeppy now redirects users from and others.

Lemme know if you find a domain that I missed :sweat_smile:.