I like this, very helpful!

Dear Shmeppy God Creator Person -

This is a great tool/program. It has greatly helped our D&D games. Easy to use and rather quick. There are some elements in the UI that are slightly more taxing than I’d like (I have multiple dungeons all on the same grid because I have no idea how to make a new grid?), but nonetheless it is way easier than drawing a map by hand.

I look forward to future developments.

I’m glad :smiley:.

To create a new map, click on the “Games” button on the top left of the screen, and then “New Game” on the bottom right of the sidebar that appears. Lemme know if any of those buttons aren’t appearing for you.

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I came looking for a place to make the same comment. But didn’t want to start a new thread for something so simple. We just had a session last night and shmeppy saved my but. Had about 15 minutes to create a map for two floors of a pub. It was perfect and I had it done in 10.

As much as I want to spend the time making beautiful maps in PS and uploading them to Roll20, in reality I’m going to be using schmeppy because real life doesn’t allow me the time to paint and play in PS. So thanks for this @johncs!


Yes! That works, thank you!

A feature I would request – and I have no idea what level of difficulty this is – is being able to import maps. I’ve found a few cool ones that I’d like to use on shmeppy and not sit around recreating. I don’t know if a super basic import feature would be possible in the future. Maybe it only reads…hard lines and brings those in? Yeah, seems hard.

Yes, that feature is prohibitively hard unfortunately. Importing a background image to use with the rest of Shmeppy’s toolset is a feature that’s being considered though.