Ideal logo: corgi or land seal (pitbull)?

Shmeppy’s logo is secretly an icon I bought from someone and modified a bit. I don’t have exclusive rights to the original icon, which means that you might see “Shmeppy’s logo” pop up in weird places :sweat_smile:.

This means that eventually I’ll want to change Shmeppy’s logo. At that point I’ll have a choice: stick with the original corgi idea OR change it up to an adorable pit bull because that’s actually the kind of dog I have now (I created the logo before I had a dog).

Adorable Corgi

(snagged from a reddit thread)


(Please also go look at more pictures of my dog)

Which do you think will make the basis for a better logo for Shmeppy?

  • Corgi :heart:
  • Pitbull :heart:

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PIGBULL PLEASE and thank you

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