I'm moving to Portland: There'll be fewer Shmeppy updates during the move

Hey ya’ll! I’m officially moving to Portland, Oregon :sparkles:.

You may have noticed that Shmeppy releases have been coming out less frequently and that I’ve been a bit less active than I have before. This is because my fiance and I have been working on getting ready for this move for awhile. And now things are finally heating up!

Shmeppy likely won’t get new features during the next couple months. I’ll be focusing on bug fixes and support with my limited attention.

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Congrats on the move! I hear great things about Portland. Hopefully you get to come down to the Bay Area some and we can see you.

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Update: Move date is this coming weekend. Shmeppy’s development will remain stalled for a little while after the move while I settle in, but we’re approaching the time when I’ll be resuming its development. Just a few more weeks probably.

I’m excited to get back to it :slight_smile:. In around 4 months we’ll be moving again (into a house) but that’ll be a local move so should be way less disruptive.

We’re (mostly) unpacked in Portland now. Working on getting new healtchare providers established and making some friends.