Implement "read-only" games for unsubscribed users

If you create games in Shmeppy while you have a GM account and then later unsubscribe (or if you created it before I launched subscriptions), what should Shmeppy do with these old games?

I’ve decided that these games will enter a new state I’m calling “read only”. Only the owner of the game can access the game, players who visit it will be greeted by an exceptionally sad Corgi:

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 3.40.30 PM

The game is also completely uneditable. You can’t even move tokens around in it or use the laser.

Notably it can be exported through the sidebar as an image or as JSON like normal though: your games won’t be lost to you just because you’ve stopped your subscription.

Not much left to do for subscriptions now: I’d call subscriptions functionally complete at this point. There’s a couple more aesthetic things I want to look at, and there’s a bit more dev work to make the transition period work (where users are grandfathered into a GM account for some time), but not much.

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