Large city drawn in Shmeppy

I posted the WIP on discord and heard that it would be neat to see the finished product on the forum…so here is the Orcish city of Ashenwrath. Nestled into the mountains in the shadow of a tyrannical Red Dragon, Ashenwrath is the home of four tribes of orcs who have forged an uneasy alliance to survive together. Their dependence upon each other is both a source of conflict and protection.

Recently, an unnatural winter has fallen over the mountains, covering much of the land in heavy snow. Tensions are high as their planting season is threatened to be disrupted. They struggle to clear the snow from the city and maintain their fields… tough times lie ahead for the people living within.

Making this map in Shmeppy was a lot of fun. I had drawn it out for my in-person campaign and started to make pieces of it within Shmeppy… then I just decided to go for the whole thing :slight_smile: I think it looks great in Shmeppy’s style! The map did get a bit laggy by the end with so much drawn on it, but it’s definitely still usable.


That looks really nice, you did a great job on the map. You’ve got me excited for the towns I’m going to be doing up this week.

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