Laser pings for all!

It’s been awhile since a release! In the last few months I finally got to visit my mom for the first time in a couple years; unrelatedly I got COVID and lost my smell; and I’ve been doing some coding in Unity for my friend: check out his YouTube channel Primer!

Hoping to get back into the swing of things with Shmeppy again. This release has a few changes but all fairly small things.

  • You can now ping via double clicking/tapping with the laser tool. Previously only mobile players could do this.
  • Better control with virtual keyboard in login form.
  • Improve mobile keyboards for some fields.
  • Prevent accidental text selection when clicking on canvas.
  • Fix font preloading. It wasn’t working on most browsers :sweat_smile:, and worse yet it was actually causing the font files to be double loaded!
  • Support br compression. This is a really nitty-gritty detail but basically some HTTP responses from Shmeppy are a little smaller now.
  • Always pull out links when logged out.
  • Fix a hard-to-trigger bug that could happen when logging out and then logging back in.

Amazing, great work! Ping is a useful feature to get people focused especially on very big maps like my last campaign.

Looking forward to the dice roller update!