Layers for meta-info

Reading some of the posts recently about layers, this has resonated with a sense of needing/wanting a bit more for the tools we have. Here’s some thoughts on what I’d want from a “whiteboard” with layers:

  1. A map key/annotation overlay. Visible to everyone DM and players. DM can toggle on/off Text tool only.

Right now, you can sort of do this with tokens and revealing by fog of war, but it’s inconvenient. One of the major inconveniences is the players can interact with the marker tokens by accident and mess up the map. A locked annotation layer would be very helpful.

Here’s what I currently do:

Here’s more what I would like:

This implies the need for a “Text” tool, that would allow for text to be placed (on the 1/2 square? By the top left corner?) without a token.

  1. A map key/DM only overlay. Visible to DM only. Toggle on/off by DMs. Text tools only.

A classic example, to have text like this:

This is an example of why I’d want a simple “Text” tool to allow a defined text box that can be moved and resized to fit the map space.

  1. A player-writable overlay. Visible to Players and DMs, toggle on/off by DM. Test tool only.

Currently, we have a DM-only editable layer, and that works great. But a player-layer could be useful too.

These are roughly in order of what I think would be useful/important to the way our group plays. I appreciate that I’m asking for more complexity (and even a new tool!) that changes the way the whole app works and that this may be technically difficult. These are no more than an idle musing on what could work at my particular table.

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