"Locking" tokens

I feel as if I should be able to prevent players from being able to move certain tokens (e.g. enemies, room labels, etc.). I would call this feature “locking.” Basically locking a token would prevent players from moving them, but not prevent the GM from moving them. I just think it would help with game management.

I think it’s generally safe to trust players, and there’re advantages to not having fine-grained token permissions like this: namely the UI complexity is lower this way.

Have you encountered a situation where a player was moving a token you didn’t want them to?

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Unfortunately, yes. I understand the issue about UI complexity though. If you added every lever and pulley someone wanted, it would start to look a bit too much like roll20. I still think this feature is important, but since the platform isn’t for game organization or scheduling (yet), I don’t see it as a priority.

Could you say more about what happened? You’re the first user who’s said they’ve encountered this and your experience will be helpful in figuring out whether token ownership is worth implementing.

I can’t ever see this feature being worth the cost in development time and UX complexity. If my group began futzing with tokens on my physical wet-erase mat I wouldn’t go ask Paizo to add features to their product, I would deal with the problem player(s) myself. How is this any different?

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