Map Height/Tiers

I couldn’t find the thread that had this request already. But just wanted to say it would be neat if it were possible to have the ability to add height tiers to the map, like if you were in a 2-story house and you were able to pivot the view to see the overlapping map tiers.

I recall a number of times when the playing group would have a wet-erase mat and would do things like put Tupperware or books stacked on top of the map to create these tiers in real life. Maybe this would break everything though (like with the measure tool)?

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I wonder if there is an elegant way to implement this.

Right now, I get around this by making a separate little map in the same shmeppy file with the first floor, separated by two or three empty squares, with the same footprint, and label each as first or second floor using tokens.

It works, but it would be cool to have a better way.

Yes, I’ve seen separate spaces for separate levels. I’ve also seen it where the vertical space is designated a space (like a 2-D platformer) and the horizontal space gets its own space.

It seems like this could potentially open up the options for a scenario - but also open up the complexity quite a bit for how the system operates.

But maybe someday, in an imaginary universe, there could be gridded layers of maps that can overlay each other to create some height. Or maybe Shmeppy could be isometric someday.