Map Versatility of Shmeppy

This post is mostly praise to John for the awesome progress Shmeppy has made. The ability to export, import, and duplicate maps has already expanded Shmeppy into a reusable resource for pre-made encounters with different groups. This was a time-consuming limitation in the past for me, too faithful to the physical wet erase map IMO. Great effin job John adding this feature. You’ve got my paid subscription in the future with this addition.

The only additional feature which, IMO, would further advance the convenience and simplistic versatility of Shmeppy is the ability to import a map image as the background. This feature is already planned, I believe, and I’ve seen numerous discussions of it in this forum. With this addition in the future, Shmeppy would become the exact thing I was looking for when I found Shmeppy this year; an easy to use, feature-lite battle and campaign map tool which also allows me to tap into the immense pool of community resources available in the table-top RPG community. Thanks John and keep up the fabulous work. Shmeppy: MY wet erase mat for the foreseeable future.