May 2020 Roadmap

Bam! Another month gone, another month incoming.

Through April I didn’t make much progress towards Shmeppy’s goals, and the progress I did make was a bit misdirected, because it was a rough month for me mentally.

This means that May’s roadmap is basically just April’s Roadmap. My priorities haven’t shifted much, though there is one piece of work I’m on right now that stole the show a bit: I’m making Shmeppy’s server more efficient.

Shmeppy’s server had some trouble keeping up with demand over this last weekend, and I worry that it will have even more trouble this coming weekend. So I’m working on doing some work to improve its efficiency.

After that I’ll get back to work on the “‘View Map as Player’ Button” feature and will continue on the rest of the items in April’s roadmap.


Just wanted to say thanks to all the work you put into Shmeppy. Hopefully May ends up a better month for everyone.


Sorry about the rough month! Thank you for working on Shmeppy! You’ve opened up a much easier and fun version of DnD to me and my groups. Take your time!


Pretty sure April was a rough month for everyone, mentally and otherwise. Thanks for all your hard work, and no worries if there’s no foreseeable progress for a bit; take whatever time you need. Shmeppy has allowed both D&D games I run, plus two I’m a player in, and another that my friends play, to continue online during quarantine where it seemed like that might not be able to happen. Your work is very much appreciated.


My players and I have loved using it so far, so keep up the great work. I’ll be glad to continue supporting once full release hits.


Just used Shmeppy last night. Worked great! :slight_smile:


Thanks John, so much for all your efforts - my players love Schmeppy, and so do I. It’s so perfect for pandemic mind - low cognitive overhead for everyone involved. I’ll be very happy to support when you make the first full release.


Joined in new to the product last week for a session of our 5e campaign, and was very happy with the work so far-- this is the clean, straightfoward map builder I’ve been looking for for years. Condolences on the difficult month, and looking very forward to future updates.