More measurements, zoom improvements, and a couple cosmetics

Several small changes today.


I’ve integrated various measurements into various tools. Specifically you now get the dimensions of any rectangle you’re drawing/clearing (whether that’s with the fill, edge, or fog of war tool), and you get the distance you’re moving a token.

measure tokenmesure

I’m a little iffy on the design of the token measurement… it seems pretty ugly honestly. I’d love you’re feedback on it.

I’ll be playing in a game on Monday too so hopefully I’ll get to use it in a real game then, which is always illuminating.

Zooming onto a point

The zoom tool used to be fairly disorienting. Now it will ensure that the point you’ve clicked on stays steady before and after the zoom. A demo is probably clearer:


Underline color

The underline color of the (now editable) hex color didn’t always match the text. Here’s what that would look like before:


Here’s what it looks like now:


Font size of toolbar in Chrome

The font size of the toolbar in Chrome didn’t match that of other browsers, and I didn’t notice that it had increased (I use Firefox mostly). I’ve now set it back to match other browsers.

Here’s the before:

And the after:

Happy Shmepping ya’ll!


One thing my players mention occasionally is they are used to “Wizard Math” for counting movement, where diagonal movement counts as 1 not 1.4 squares. Might be something to add to your list as a player request (along with being able to set scale per square as a DM)

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There’s a thread about this over at Feature Request: Options for Measure Tool. I think it’s a good idea, but I have yet to really figure out how I want to handle tool settings.

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Another fantastic Shmeppy release :slight_smile: My players are going to be excited tomorrow!

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