Multiple pages or tabs within a single game

This has been requested by a number of users.

The (fairly reasonable) workaround at the moment is to just draw whatever you’d put in a separate area somewhere in your current game, and cover it in fog of war so your players can’t see it til you want them to.

But I’d love to hear people’s thoughts about why pages/tabs would be even better.

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I think having separate pages available for the game enables you as the DM to build out key locations without worrying about your players accidentally seeing them because you forgot to cover in fog of war or something like that.

It also would help with organization. For example, players start at Tavern, go to Evil Keep, travel to Inspiring Mountain, and come back to Tavern weeks later. Keeping those locations separate makes it easy when you return to the old location (Tavern) to just pull up that location up in it’s old, “enclosed” map.

Edit: Not sure what you mean by “draw whatever you’d put in a separate tab somewhere in your current game, and cover it in fog of war…” – I don’t see a “separate tab” in my current game. Do you mean just put it elsewhere on the map and cover it with fog of war?


Whoops, yes. I definitely do mean that. I edited the post to correct that, thank you.

This was the very first point that made me hesitate. I would much prefer some sort of “tabs” in a game. Although we can expand the map, I would think a long running game could get convoluted over time. Certainly not a deal breaker, but I’ll add my vote for a feature request with tabs.


Not having the ability to open separate pages/tabs/boards from one game is one of the first things I noticed. While yeah, you could use Fog of War, eventually it becomes a game of “Search for the Map” after you have so many key locations or just maps you want to repurpose. If you did have them then there would be much more opportunity ahead of time to set up and not worry about taking time to get rid of your Fog of War in areas you need to, which I can 100% see myself accidentally revealing too much every now and again. Overall, it’s not too big of a deal, but it’s an addition I’d more than happily welcome.

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