My HUD changed colour and some pallets are not accurate

My HUD changed colour and some pallets are not accurate.

I am using nr 9 and this is how it looks

Here you can see me going from Black to White, but it becomes grey and not white.

I have no idea how it happened, but it all just changed out of nowhere. My HUD was not black before either. It is only on the HUD that the colours are wrong, Not on the actual map

That is super interesting. I’m having a hard time even imagining what could be going on to cause that.

Given how unusual it is, my first guess is a plugin or extension that’s meant to change the appearance of websites. Like I could imagine there being a dark mode extension that might have that effect.

Could you try loading Shmeppy in a different browser? Could you also try loading Shmeppy with your normal browser in its version of “Safe Mode” (ie: start up your browser with all extensions and customized settings disabled)?

We may have an easier time going back and forth on Discord if you’d like to join me there but I’ll continue to reply through whichever medium you’d like.

Talked with Disdainful on Discord and tracked this down to the Opera GX feature “Force Dark Mode.” It injects styles into web pages to make elements within them darker. Telling Opera not to change Shmeppy’s styles fixed the issue.