New font and several bug fixes

Shmeppy now uses a different font for text across the site than it did before. Hopefully ya’ll like it! I needed a font family that had a wider range of weights (ex: semi-bold, bold, thin) for the homepage, and I figured I’d keep things consistent and use it throughout the site.

This release also has a few bug fixes:

  • The screenshots used in the mobile support blurb on the homepage were higher resolution than they had to be. I’ve shrunk them down, reducing their size to about 10% of what they were.
  • The final stage of registration (where it says Preparing your account) was starting to take a very long time. It’s now much faster. Hopefully this helps give people a better first-impression of Shmeppy.
  • The “GM Account” button on the registration page shows an orange border when its focused (ex: when it’s tabbed to with the keyboard, or clicked on in Firefox). That orange border incorrectly didn’t appear on the left side of the button, but now it does.
  • The new “Three Traits of Shmeppy’s Design” blurb on the homepage had some alignment issues at some screen widths. It’s now properly centered at all screen widths.