Peer list will not grow in height infinitely

Wobble Waffle on Discord may be hosting a Shmeppy game with 30 people soon. They asked me whether I could foresee any issues and I responded with:

I suspect there won’t be any connectivity problems

The problems I can see appearing are

  • there’s no moderation tools so you won’t be able to kick anyone if they’re behaving poorly
  • the laser tool is kinda poor at handling multiple people since everyone gets the same color. If anyone is getting wacky with the laser it’ll be pretty noisy.
  • the peer list is going to grow very tall… I wonder if it’ll be so tall that it goes off the page, preventing users from collapsing it (since you have to click the top of it)

The first two bullets are issues that I won’t be resolving immediately, but the last bullet was something I could check and potentially resolve in a few minutes, so I did.

Rather than a peer list that grows out of the screen, like this:

The peer list will now restrain itself:

That’s all! Just a quick fix for a very specific case.