Performance and backups

Just made a release that (hopefully) fixes the acute performance issues reported in Connectivity Issues by @Rayne_Storms. Shmeppy still slows down when maps get big enough, but this should greatly improve the situation.

We now have regular backups of the forum in two separate regions of the world, rather than backups being isolated on one server (the same server that hosts the forum itself…). The next step is to keep a copy those backups on an archival service as well.

I also made a release a little while ago (that I didn’t post about) that helps Shmeppy be accessible behind corporate firewalls (this was from some debugging of a user-reported connectivity issue last week).

Happy Shmepping ya’ll!

These fixes were only possible because of users sending in bug reports. Keep them coming folks! Especially with my move (I'm moving to Portland) I need all of ya’ll’s help to know what’s broken in Shmeppy.