Performance fix: quicker sidebar load time

I just deployed the second fix I mentioned in Performance fix: one now, one later.

Before this fix it took a huge amount of work to load the data in the “Games” sidebar (that you can slide in from the left of the screen). This caused pretty heavy lag when loading Shmeppy for a lot of users (especially users who’ve been using Shmeppy for awhile and have a lot of games), and it put a lot of strain on Shmeppy’s servers that contributed to the downtime we saw that led to the release at Quick performance fix: more power.

Now the sidebar will should load quite quickly :slight_smile:. Hopefully this makes Shmeppy feel a bit more responsive for people.

I’ll be moving onto fixing up Shmeppy’s backup system now per the roadmap I published in January 2020 Roadmap.