Maybe a way to add layers to Shmeppy that could feel more approachable would be to add them not as full-map layers, but as their own distinct objects.

I think they’d feel a bit like platforms or windows. So you’d create a window of some size and could move it around. Within the window you could draw/do anything you could do normally. But you can drag the window around, hide it, and change the opacity of the entire window.

I could imagine people using this for a variety of purposes. It seems pretty flexible. And I think users would be much less likely to accidentally edit a window/layer they didn’t intend to write to (which is one of my major concerns with full-map layers).

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This is a bit like how Miro does things, and works very well for online gaming.

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Yes! This sounds like the solution for those of us running space exploration games where we have the ship map / the sector map / the system map / the planet map / the local area map