Poll: How'd you hear about Shmeppy?

What would you say was the main reason you signed up for Shmeppy? Either how you first heard about it or what finally got you to actually try it out.

  • I saw an ad on Reddit
  • I saw a link to it from some user on Reddit
  • My GM told me to sign up
  • Someone I know told me about it
  • I found it through a search engine while searching for a tool
  • Something else (reply with custom response)

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Why I don’t have this info already

I’m a bit of a privacy nerd and collect the bare minimum of data on Shmeppy users, which is hardly anything at all.

If I used something like Google Analytics, I’d be able to detect several of these options automatically because Google knows a shitton about you and can follow your browsing around the internet. But if I used Google Analytics I’d be contributing to Google’s all-seeing eye…

I still wanna know these things though! So let’s see if I can’t get the data in a more ethical manner.

There’ll be a massive sampling bias here because relatively few users come to these forums (compared to the thousands of people using Shmeppy), but I’ll leave this poll up and we’ll see what happens over time.

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I found it on the a DM resources page of a website, but I’m not sure which one it was.

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I replied with “Something else (reply with custom response)”… Discourse wouldn’t let me see the results otherwise :joy:.

Though I suppose “someone I know told me about it”… I’m someone I know and I told me about it :thinking:.

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Heard about it on a D&D mailing list at work.


I was just trying to google online map tools to run D&D online, since I’ve only ever run games in-person before the pandemic. Tried to make roll20 work multiple times and found it incredibly user-hostile, eventually came across this google doc (which apparently may be removed and replaced with an updated one any day now): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cNlFbHk511xRCxziPmcncilEzPd3J7AyzrVhWzSZY28/edit#heading=h.yl4k3bjkimtv which was a comparison of all the alternatives to roll20. Started working my way systematically though everything on there to see what worked for me. Shmeppy barely gets a mention on there, and was honestly a bit of a last-ditch effort on my part, as everything else I tried just wasn’t working for me…either too steep of a learning curve, or required more bandwidth than my poor country internet can handle, or required software downloads/cost too much… Anyway, I fell in love with shmeppy immediately. By far the best option out there, in my opinion!


They just finished the rebuild a day or two ago, and Shmeppy has a more prominent place now :blush:. They didn’t consider Shmeppy a VTT and put it in its own category, but it certainly has a more prominent place than it did before. I’m pretty pumped.

I was sad that they didn’t give it a full review like the other VTTs though. Shmeppy hasn’t had any “published reviews,” and I was excited to see something that felt close to that.


This was how I learned of Shmeppy. I’ve been looking at several mapping tools and they all seemed to have very unintuitive UI and a steep learning curve. I really just need something simple like Shmeppy to show placement for battles and whatnot. I’m excited to see where this goes! My biggest request is importing maps because I am not good at making things. :slight_smile:

This doc was actually how I found out about Shmeppy as well, and while it was my absolute last ditch effort, it was pretty close to it.

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Join the Party! Podcast :smiley:

Oh damn! I’m super glad. That podcast advertisement was (relatively) expensive. I wasn’t sure anything came out of it.

here I am XD

And Shmeppy just happened to be the perfect tool for me right now. Funny enough, not (only) for maps, but much more as way to handle a “timeline” for fights in the German Splittermond game :smiley: Like, you have a battle map in the middle and on the outside move tokens of charakter/NPCs around to see, when it is there turn again (actions costs “Ticks”= small time units)!. We will try it out next time and see if it works like I hope :smiley:
So, thanks for your great job!

Screenshot_2020-05-30 Shmeppy Your wet erase mat Online |690x337

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Like many others here, I found Shmeppy through that one document.

The VTT subreddit. Someone asked: “Does anyone use Shmeppy” and I’ve been dying to find a VTT that’s not super hard to dive into. I’ve had issues setting up dynamic lighting in Astral, and I’m not a big fan of Roll20’s interface, so…here I am.


Exactly what led me here.

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I spent the much better part of an entire weekend searching for a good tool to use that isn’t Roll20. I used to enjoy Roll20 as a platform years ago, but now it just feels like a marketplace trying to sell me $30 jpegs to use as tokens. I wanted something minimalistic, something I could just draw a map on like (pardon me while I literally say your tag line) a wet-erase mat. Lo and behold, I stumble across this after trying, downloading, and disagreeing with the designs and usability of several other platforms.

Schmeppy checked all the boxes I needed with just being able to draw squares and walls and tokens. Everything I’ve been seeing since then is icing on an already well-sculpted cake, and I’ve been spreading word of it to my players and other DMs as much as possible.


I was complaining about VTTs in general in a Discord and someone says “Why don’t you just use Shmeppy if you hate features so much!”

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I picked it up from this guide: https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/Cyanomys-Guide-To-Playing-RPGs-Online-v2.1.0-Ef83ststlhPqW0LELrgye

And saw the guide on reddit after a google search: https://www.reddit.com/r/VTT/comments/g0wkc6/i_made_a_painstakingly_comprehensive_guide_to/

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I found it on Reddit, and thought I’d give it a try cause I was tired of my trouble player looking at my hand drawn maps and just being like, “I can see on the map that theres a hidden area”, “I’m gonna look around and see if theres anything of interest”, and then get pissed at me cause he didnt roll high enough to find what he could clearly see on the map.

So, I needed a fog of war feature to make it super simple as to what the players actually see. Plus, since I’m making my own TTRPG, I dont have the time to dedicate to learning a program like roll20 or something else like it. So, Shmeppy is perfect for me and my uses currently.

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I found it on the facebook page Dungeon Master Resources

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