Problems with undo

I’ve been experiencing problems with the Undo feature, it seems to batch together multiple actions into a single undo.

For example, if I moved a token and then painted a new area, if I hit undo, sometimes it will undo both of those actions together. I would much rather it not batch these items together and instead have them broken apart. I’m ok with hitting Undo a decent amount, if it means better control.

It’s not intentional behavior, I wonder how it’s happening. I think I might’ve seen it happen with my games too. I’ll have to dig into it, thanks for reporting it.

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Just repro’d this bug on accident. Took some digging, but I figured out what’s going on.

Each time you visit a new game a new undo/redo listener gets created but the old one doesn’t get destroyed. This means you can have any number of undo/redo listeners sitting there ready to react once you hit the hotkey for undoing or redoing, and all of them will react at the same time.

I’ll get this fixed in the next update (should be today).

(If anyone needs to workaround this in the meantime: refreshing the page resolves the problem temporarily)

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