Protip: use emoji in your token labels!

Windows 10: Windows key + . (period key)
Mac OS X: Control + Command (⌘) + Space
Other: copy/paste from any website

@johncs mentioned something in this thread that I thought was worth bubbling up into its own post: you can use emoji (or any other Unicode character) in your token labels!

Platform-agnostic solution: simply find the emoji you want with a google search then copy and paste it into the token label just like any old regular text. Sites like emojipedia even have a “copy” button built right in.

Windows 10 users can access a native emoji keyboard with the shortcut (Windows key+period key). You should see a little pop-up like this one where you can type a word and it will search the emoji name for matches:


Hit enter and it will insert the emoji in place of the word you just typed, then hit Esc to close the menu.

I already have an initiative tracker solution so I intend to use these for status effects: charmed :sparkling_heart:, poisoned :face_vomiting:, blinded :see_no_evil:, invisible :ghost:, dead :skull:, etc. The possibilities are endless!


I use a similar feature on Mac OS X. Pressing Control + Command (⌘) + Space together will bring up the Character Viewer, and you can use this to type an emoji into any text box, including Shmeppy’s token labels:

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 12.36.48 PM

Excellent, I’ll add a tl;dr to the main post with these shortcuts!

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This is a game-changer ! Utilizing emoticons decreases the need for shaped tokens. However, emoticons increase the need for a larger quick access colour palette.

amazing protip!!!

reading this i now realize I NEED a ‘quick status’ kind of tooltip that toggles recently used emojis as a prefix for the token’s label


Took the players a bit to notice, but they thought it was a great addition.