Question for testers (and potential testers): Did/do you feel uneasy when giving payment info to Shmeppy?

Do you remember feeling uneasy when you entered your payment details? Were you afraid of where that data was being stored?

Remember your answers to these two questions and then read on:

I had my mom test the registration flow last week and she mentioned that she would’ve liked to know that Stripe was handling all the payment details, and that Shmeppy’s code doesn’t see your card details at any point in the process.

Even the text fields you type your info in are actually on Stripe’s website (if you’re familiar with web development: they’re small iframes).

I could have some more text in the payment forms that says something like “Only Stripe sees your payment details”.

If you answered yes to those first questions, do you think this sort of messaging would have done anything to calm those uneasy feelings?

  • I did/do not feel uneasy giving Shmeppy payment details.
  • I did/do feel uneasy, but the Stripe messaging wouldn’t help.
  • I did/do feel uneasy, but the Stripe messaging would help a little.
  • I did/do feel uneasy, but the Stripe messaging would help a lot.

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Is there an option for “I volunteered because I trust you not to steal my info so I wasn’t nervous, but in general saying something mentioning stripe sounds like it would be helpful for others”? I think even a little tooltip saying that shmeppy never sees your full cc info, etc could be nice. But I wasn’t nervous, so maybe I don’t know what would work well.


Our trust of you as a dev is very high. Think I probably would have answered questions that I would not have for other sign ups.

So what is with your mom? :wink:

I answered the poll from the perspective of not knowing Shmeppy. I do obviously trust Shmeppy since I’m participating in the test :slight_smile:

But without that familiarity, the payment processing form feels a bit… bare? A lot of websites kind of have a song and dance to getting to the screen where you enter your card details. But right now, Shmeppy just gets right to it. No credit logos, no info about payment processor, no alternate payment methods. You just type it right in the box and click Sign Up, and that’s it. Simple is good, but maybe it’s some sense of “decorum” I’m looking for?

That said, my questioning trust on the matter isn’t about “I wonder where my data is stored / who can see it”, it’s more “is this a scam? it seems like something’s off here…”

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