Question to Shmeppy users: What chat and dice program do you use if hosting remotely?

I’d assume Discord would be the go to for chat. Curious how you all go about that, with in-game vs out-of-character chat, etc. I’ve never played an on-line session before, always been a strictly pen-n-paper type.

Also, how do you do die rolls? Show character sheets? Etc.

I was thinking, on the free side of all of this, Google Docs could be used to share the character sheets and what not. But I’m still stumped on showing die rolls for everyone.

This is just curiosity for me. I’m using Shmeppy as a replacement for tabletop maps by having the map on a large TV for all the players to see, using actual laser pointers. haha

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The games I’ve run I’ve just used Discord. I’m ok with audio only though. There’s some cool die rollers for discord that I’ve used, but honestly I just trust my players not to lie about their rolls.

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We combine Shmeppy,, and zoom. handles any dice mechanic including macros. The dice rolls show up on the chat client (which we don’t chat on). Our dice mechanic is NOT d20 based so I empathize with PbtA. The days work fine.

Rolz also has a wiki where we store persona sheets, artifacts and referee personas. The wiki uses a rudimentary markdown that includes images and links.

I am following about 30 VTTs under active development. I am very familiar with the following ones: roll20 (sandbox script writing), FVTT (pro dev and anti user), tableplop, battletopp, RPTools (neat scripting language, and best overall), standard action, owlbear rodeo… So much awesome work going on.

Shmeppy plus rolz beats them all.

Like many here we desire a shmeppy aesthetic applied to dice rolling and journaling.

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Hahaha. I read the date wrong and replied to an October 2019 post as if it were 2020. Sigh.

Discord for chat and Dice! there are a few programs that can roll dice for you.

What do you use to roll dice? I could only find Nothing else allows for complex rolls and roll macros. That is what makes a key tab partner with

So for discord, I use the tool DiceParser. It is a simple extension I found and have on the discord. Personally, I use my dice that I own but some of my players don’t have dice so this is a substitute more for them.

Ah so nice to use real dice. Maybe our cohort is too old, but they were not interested in Discord. I will check out dice parser for sure. Thanks for the lead.

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