Radius, more colours

It would be great to have a feature to draw a radius on the map (perhaps one that can stay visible for effects with a duration).

Also, is there a possibility to have more than 9 colours on the bottom? Perhaps it could be a pop-out to show more colours or to show colours that I have saved.

There’s been some talk of translucent tokens which might help with this. I initially had some reservations about the idea because of weird interactions with the fill and edge tools, but I think with background images now being a layer underneath fills and edges, translucent colors should work well.

And hopefully I’ll be adding more color slots soon :sweat_smile:. That one’s been languishing for awhile.

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A translucent token could be great for this, however it would then also be good to show the radius of the token (otherwise it’ll be difficult to see exactly how big it is up front). Another thing would be (for me) to just make the tokens upfront, name them with the radius and put them outside the playing field.

I’d consider not just translucency, but a translucent with 100% single pixel edge. Provides both an intuitive handle for the user and a sharp visual cue for the effect radius. Apologies if this is too oblivious, but I think it could be a nice usability add.