Removing Edges is Finicky

Like it says when removing edges it says when you drag to remove edges from an area it doesn’t always remove the edges. I don’t know though i might be doing it wrong.

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The edge tool’s design is bad, and I’ll be reworking it before long. In the meantime, you’ll have to master its weird behavior if you’d like it to not feel finicky.

My guess is that the “snapping” is throwing you off, and making it feel finicky. First let’s look at what happens when your drawing (rather than erasing) with the edge tool:

If you click closer to the top or bottom edge of a cell, you will draw a horizontal line:


Whereas if you click closer to the left or right edge of a cell, you will draw a vertical line:


It’s pretty unintuitive, since no other drawing tool really behaves like this (snapping to a particular direction immediately when you begin drawing).

Now things get extra funky when you’re trying to delete edges, because there’s no visual indication of what direction you’re snapped to (ie: horizontally or vertically).

If you’re trying to delete an edge and you’re finding it’s not working, you’re probably deleting in the wrong direction (vertically rather than horiztonally, or vice versa).

I hope this helps you in the short term.

In the long-term, I’ll make changes to ensure that the edge tool behaves a lot more intuitively.

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I like how the edge tool works, in respects to how it snaps to a vertical or horizontal line, but I don’t find the erase half of it really intuitive. I think that the rectangle erase function would work better if it removed all edges in a selected area, instead of deleting only on the edge of the selected rectangle. Though I still like the regular right click erase function, I think the Alt+Shift+Drag function would be more intuitive if it deletes all edges inside the selected rectangle.

I second the ability to erase a selected box with the edge tool :slight_smile:

This was done some time ago actually. There’s now guides that appear when you’re deleting edges, and deleting a rectangle of edges deletes all the edges within the rectangle.