Roadmap Snapshot: How's quarantine looking?

I hope ya’ll are doing alright in quarantine :purple_heart:. Infection trends are looking real scary right now.

I’m not planning a month ahead each month anymore (which is why you haven’t seen monthly roadmaps) because my life has been a bit too unpredictable for that to be useful. But I’m adapting and Shmeppy is still getting lots of love.

Here’s the big pieces of work I’m either currently working on or are soon-to-be-worked-on.

Import, Export, Duplicated

I’ve been working on the new Import/Export/Duplicate feature and I should have that up and ready for ya’ll within a week or two here. Here’s a little preview of my dev server at the moment:

I think it’s coming together quite well :blush:.

Continuing Account Deletion

I’m still focused on getting Shmeppy’s payment flows operational (as I mentioned in Updated long-term roadmap), so I think I’ll be looping back and finishing account deletion after I’m done with this export feature. I did a bunch of work on that back in May, and I basically made a button that I can press to automatically delete a user’s account.

But now I need to do the (frankly boring) work of piping the user-facing flow together, which will be:

  1. You click the “Delete Account” button on the account page.
  2. You account goes into a “pending deletion state” for 14ish days.
  3. You get some UI that tells you what’s happening.
  4. You can abort the deletion process during that time, otherwise after 14 days the account is permanently deleted.

There’s also some tricky stuff with the forum as well. If you have a forum account, there’s a question of what to do with the posts on the forum. They can either be anonymized, or deleted.

The downside to deletion is that suddenly there’s a bunch of holes in old conversations which isn’t super ideal. Discourse (the platform the forum runs on) is fairly opinionated about this, and makes it quite hard to actually delete an account rather than anonymize it. I am of course a tricky bastard and can make it do whatever, but it’s not clear to me exactly how to integrate this choice into the account deletion flow.

Continuing Background Images

I’ve made some good headway into supporting background images already, as those of you on Discord probably know (I’ve got some cool automatic-grid detection and have a fairly precise idea of how I’m going to design the grid-alignment UI). I’ll probably be dipping my toes into this here and there over the coming weeks/months.

I’m not sure whether this will land in front of ya’ll before Shmeppy becomes non-free. I’d give it roughly 50/50 odds at this point.


I forgot to mention that I did an informal poll on Discord awhile ago that had a lot of people weigh in on their desire to see each of the following:

  • Mobile Support
  • Background Images
  • Copy + Paste

The votes ranked them (1) background images, (2) copy + paste, and (3) mobile support. This got me off of working on mobile support for a bit and onto the things I laid out above. I will return to adding mobile support for Shmeppy, but since it seems like it isn’t quite as exciting as I was hoping it’d be, its relative priority has dropped.