Roll some dice! Experimentally ✨

I wanted to see what a dice roller in Shmeppy might be like so this last week I made a rough prototype as a standalone page in Shmeppy. You don’t need to be logged in to use it, check it out at

A few of my thoughts about it:

  • Playing DnD while using Shmeppy on my phone and doing chores around my house the last year or so has made me want to see if I can integrate a dice roller into Shmeppy. So my focus is on mobile.
  • The buttons are tailored specifically for DnD 5e, with the idea of separate sets of buttons for each system if the basic idea feels alright.
  • It understands roughly the same dice syntax as Roll 20. I forked an existing parser and my changes are open source.
  • The buttons can only modify simple expressions. You’ll see them disable themselves if you write out a more complex expression that they don’t understand.
  • I made a dice roller before my first ever game of a TTRPG many years ago and have kept using it over the years. The feature set of this experimental dice roller is modeled after my original one, though there’s a lot of differences.
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this is amazing! Love it! Thank you. Can’t wait to run a game with this!

When will this be in the production version?

Do you mean just this standalone page?

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I’ve already been using the standalone features for my solo roleplay, it’s great with that nice minimalist and fast shmeppy design aesthetic.

What I mean is, I’m eager to see when this will be part of the main shmeppy interface-perhaps a collapsible right hand sidebar?

love the dice roller! I would like to see it later added to Games as a toggleable pane or window with a shared roll history for players, plus secret/silent rolls toggle.

maybe even a button where the GM can say “roll me a d20” - and the player is prompted to click them button themselves and input any bonus they have, which then sends the result to the GM only.

just sharing some some ideas :slight_smile:


It’s going to stay on its own page for awhile, though I think it’s interesting enough to push to the main site (still as a standalone page) so more people will stumble across it. I’ll likely do that after poking at it a bit more and building in some guidance for users.

I think it’ll make its way into the game page if I manage to get good-feeling chat into Shmeppy. This is super experimental though, I don’t even have a great idea of the problems I’m solving with this dice roller.

I have a great idea of the problems you are solving with a shmeppy dice roller. Youre eliminating the need to alt-tab or switch views to a separate application when you need to roll dice.