Search bar arrives on the main site, as well as many bug fixes

  • Add search bar to games list in sidebar.
  • Improve performance of maps with many labeled tokens.
  • Fix about a dozen different bugs.

Curious about the bugs that were fixed? Here’s a more detailed rundown:

  • Middle-clicking most links on the site would not open a new tab correctly. Now they do.
  • Remove broken link to Help & Community page that appears during registration.
  • Game titles with very long words no longer cause the sidebar to overflow horizontally.
  • The G in the “Games” button is no longer slightly cutoff (one column of pixels on the left side of the G was missing).
  • After using the eyedropper in the palette selector, if you immediately pressed a number hotkey to change the selected color, the color editor would enter a strange state. This made it very hard to quickly select multiple colors.
  • The text color of the disabled undo/redo buttons should be grey, but they were black. They are now grey again.
  • Fix several bugs related to editing game titles.
    • The ellipsis that appears when the title overflows would stay present while editing the title, making it very hard to edit.
    • Long titles would not always be truncated, overflowing the sidebar.
    • Titles with emoji or other tall characters would sometimes jump downwards such that the bottom-half of the title would be invisible.
  • Reduce jumpiness when editing token labels in Firefox. (Emphasis on “reduce”… it jumps 1 pixel less than it did before :sweat_smile:).