Security fix: dependency upgrades

In the recent roadmap I mentioned I was considering creating a more reliable workflow for upgrading the software that Shmeppy depends on.

This is very similar to those alerts that your computer shoves at you that say “you oughta update your computer now.”

Well I’ve now done those upgrades. Shmeppy is now running with the latest security updates for all of the software it depends on!

The workflow requires me to take Shmeppy down for a few minutes during the process, but it’s very safe, and takes less than an hour of my time from start to finish. So I’ll be able to do this semi-frequently now and Shmeppy won’t get so behind on its updates.

I’ve now completed all of the tasks I laid out in my January roadmap, just in time for February! I’ll likely publish another roadmap for next month soon. Happy Shmepping ya’ll.