Shmeppalytics support

I’ve added some code to help my analytics scripts make sense of all the traffic Shmeppy gets. Specifically three additions were made:

  • The server now logs when the map changes. I need this in order to help me figure out when a map is being used, versus when some users have just left the map open on their computer.
  • A “shmeppalytics ID” is now assigned to each user via a cookie. This is necessary for me to track signed-out users as they go through the sign-up flow.
  • A message is now sent to the server whenever you navigate within Shmeppy. This is also necessary for me to track users as they go through the sign-up flow.

I believe this is all the additional information I’ll need to collect from users in order to have the audience metrics I need, which is exciting. It’s super minimal, I’m not even logging IP addresses or browsers or anything like that.

Unfortunately these additions don’t mean any new functionality for ya’ll, but I figured I’d share what I’ve been up to anyways.