Shmeppy now has a godparent

A little morbid or a little touching: you decide!

Shmeppy now has a godparent. If I die, a friend of mine will inherit Shmeppy and they’ve said that they’d keep it running. They’re a very skilled developer and have a similar background to me, so they should be able to do whatever they’d like to with Shmeppy.

I just finalized a Last Will & Testament this evening that passes them all of the IP involved as well, some assets to help them keep it going, and the keys to open all of Shmeppy’s locks (so to speak).

Hopefully this isn’t needed and we can all grow nice and old together, but it makes me very happy to think that if I die suddenly, Shmeppy won’t just fall over never to return.


Good planning but lets hope its not needed. Hope you’re feeling better soon.