Shortcut for eyedropper and reorderable palette colors 🌈

Several changes in this release. Mostly focused around the color palette.

  • Allow color palette to be reordered via dragging.
  • Eyedropper shortcut added to Pan tool.
  • Fix odd sizing of color editor’s checkmark button on iOS.
  • Improve color code editor’s alignment and appearance.
  • Color code editor now previews the color changes.
  • Fix jitter of pencil icon when hovering over title or color code.
  • Make eyedropper tool’s cursor more accurate on Safari.

I also did some work on Shmeppy’s backup systems. I wasn’t backing up Shmeppy’s background images since they’re on a hosted service that I generally trust not to lose the images in the first place. But it would be better to have them backed up to my backup provider as well, so now they are!

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I fixed a bug introduced in this release where editing token labels no longer worked correctly (after entering one character you’d get kicked out of the textbox).

I also fixed a bug that happens on recent versions of Safari, where after starting to edit a token label the text would vanish until you hit a key.

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