Should a token be hidden if any part of it is hidden, or visible if any part of it is visible?

Currently a large token is only visible if its top-left corner is visible. See this descriptive post by @anon86052806

Tokens will continue to have an “all or nothing” behavior: either the entire token is shown to players or the token is completely hidden from players. I will not be making it so that only part of a token is shown to players.

But there are two ways to do this I am entertaining, which do you think would be better?

  • Token is only hidden if it’s entirely covered by fog of war, even one cell uncovered means it’s visible.
  • Token is hidden if any part of it is covered by fog of war, even one cell covered means it’s invisible.

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For example, only the token on the left would be hidden if I went with the first option, versus both tokens would be hidden if I went with the second option:

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 1.36.09 PM

Please share your reasoning as well if you’d like to. I’m unsure of which is better.

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I feel like it makes sense to show the token if any part is visible. I imagine exploring a cavern and seeing a sharp bend ahead. As you approach you hear snoring and see the massive feet of a giant sticking out around the corner.

When you can see part of a recognizable thing, it’s logical to assume the rest of that thing exists. The alternative means the token would have a pop-in effect only as you finally rounded the corner and were right on top of the giant.

That’s a compelling in-fiction rationale. I have some compelling out-of-fiction reasoning for this approach as well. Good enough for me. I just released this change to Shmeppy: Large tokens are only hidden by Fog of War if all of the token is hidden.

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I’d go with the first option because from a usability point of view it is the least ambiguous. Hiding a token if part of it is not covered can easily be mistaken for a bug.

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