Significant Lag After Opening Dropper


I’ve seen a lag topic for FOW but I don’t recall seeing one discussing lag I’ve experienced anytime I try and use the dropper feature.

I am Shmepping in Chrome on a Windows 10 PC.

Essentially, if I open the color palate, everything is fine if I manually choose a shade. No performance issues. If I click the dropper tool, I immediately experience stutter. The players box at the bottom right of my screen shows the rotating arrow for saving, and it keeps on going. After selecting the color, the rest of the experience is a Powerpoint presentation. Closing the color tool doesn’t solve this. Shmeppy is locked in a stutter with ~ 5 seconds between jumps. The saving arrow is going near constantly. Closing and reloading helps, but as-is the dropper tool is not usable. This has been very reproducible in my experience.

Based on the constant saving arrow motion, could Shmep might be locked in a saving loop?

Anybody else experiencing this?

That’s wild, I’ve never experienced that. That saving arrow is probably a side-effect of the lag, rather than a cause of it: if your browser lags hard enough the frequent ping-pongs between the server and your browser will fail and your connection will die and you’ll reconnect.

I’d be very interested to know if anyone else has run into this… I suspect that the “Improve how the eyedropper selects colors, so (for example) it’d be unaffected by Fog of War” item I mention in the roadmap I just posted would resolve this because the eyedropper would work via a totally different mechanism afterwards, but I don’t understand why it’s so slow right now for you.

Well, I’m glad no one else is seemingly dealing with this! If you do stumble on it, closing the Shmeppy tab and reopening it works to get things back up and running. It doesn’t solve the inherent issue, but play can resume.

I’ve just ran into this issue too. No performance issues until I use the eyedrop tool to pick a colour, then I start experiencing stuttering. Page reload solves the stutter.