Significant lag with Fog of War

Sir Legel mentioned this to me over Discord. They’re running Chrome on Windows, and they have a beefy GPU setup.

They said they tried this on a blank map and saw the same slow FoW response.

Yeah I’ve ahd the same issue a couple of times. I assumed it was my not so beefy gpu.

This looks like enough tokens to choke a walrus. I would not expect anything to keep track of that many of anything passing it through Chrome and the Intertubes. I have good internet, no discrete GPU and no problems. Am I missing something here? :grimacing:

Yep, I have definitely been having the same issue. For some reason, refreshing the page makes it better for a good while, then it starts chugging again.

So far I haven’t experienced this in any of my games using Firefox, so might be Chrome related.

Has anything new on this been discovered? I haven’t run into this problem, but a friend of mine mentioned it and it sounded weird until I saw this post. I can get them involved maybe, if more data is needed.


I haven’t learned anything new about this unfortunately, seems to still be sporadic.

The rewrite of the renderer onto the GPU that I was zeroing in on before I suddenly switched all my attention to implementing subscriptions should resolve this issue though, as well as nearly every other performance issue I know of.