Some early Shmeppy usage numbers

I’ve been working on getting metrics on Shmeppy’s usage (per my roadmap for the Early Access launch). I wanted to share some metrics I recently pulled out of Shmeppy’s logs with ya’ll.

I made a program that attempts to find “Convocations.” These are meant to be sessions where people are using Shmeppy to actually play a tabletop RPG. For example, one thing the program looks for in a session is: Were multiple people using the map for an extended period of time?

I then looked at only the set of users who’ve been a part of one of these Convocations, and I found the following:

  • 44 of those users were last seen in last 30 days
  • 26 of those users were first seen in last 30 days
  • 49 of those users were last seen in last 60 days
  • 33 of those users were first seen in last 60 days

This is more users than I thought Shmeppy had and I’m very excited :smiley:. I knew how many actual accounts there are (~250) but not how many of those accounts were people actually using and enjoying Shmeppy.

It’s a little hard to be sure from these numbers, but it also seems like people are sticking around.

Shmeppy’s future is looking bright, and I’m excited to move forward with ya’ll. I can’t wait until I’m past this latest batch of vital infrastructure stuff (like metrics, security, monitoring, etc) and I can resume making the core experience better.

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