Some sort of inter-map link token

For reasons totally unrelated to preparing to traumatise John in a new campaign, I’d like to put in a vote / request for … link tokens? bookmark tokens?

It’d be nice to have a token on a world map that if clicked could take the user to the town map, which the could have clickable building tokens that would take you to the actual game map for that building.

We had a collection of links in Discord we’d use but I know it’s something I’ve often thought about wanting to set up.

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I was just thinking about this the other day. Putting links inside a token name to create an easy hyperlink. Would be very helpful with map hubs and the like. Especially with copy-pasteable assets, having a little list of resources you can pop into each map.

Obviously not the most important thing in the world, but I’d imagine it would be a very subtle, non-intrusive tool in the toolbox for sure.

There’s definitely been consistent interest for something like this. I can imagine URLs in token labels becoming clickable being an OK experience. I may play around with this at some point.

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the idea of putting token links to other maps within maps.
Does this door lead to another building? click the token link and you’re there. So many possibilities.